Friday, August 05, 2005

The Art of Chipping Stone Dead from the side of the green -

I played a three ball earlier this week with a couple of relatively novice golfers.

One point I noticed about their play was that they found it very difficult to get up and down from the edge of the green when there was a small obstacle between them and the green which prevented them from using their putters.

The main problem they had was 'floppy wrists'.

All chip shots should be played with Rigid Wrists!

I was able to lay nearly every chip shot I played stone dead. They either just flopped their ball onto the green or sent it sailing way past the flag.

There is a longer article about this in my Teaching Tales, to which you can subscribe for free at, which explains precisely why Rigid Wrists are so important and where to position the ball in order to play different types of chips.

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