Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Role Models can help You Develop a Great Swing -

Conventionally role models are used as templates for developing new behavior.

You can use a role model in exactly the same way to develop the swing you would like to have.

Using a role model is like copying a drawing using tracing paper. The difference is that, unless you choose to video your swing, you will only ever see your swing in your mind's eye.

When choosing a role model for your swing I do NOT recommend a certain Tiger. Yes, he has a great swing. But it is very fast and requires athleticism and strength which is beyond the capabilities of most of us.

Rather I would recommend that you choose a golfer whose swing looks smooth and effortless.

To find my own role model I experimented with trying to copy several different Tour Players. One evening when I was up on the range practicing I thought I'd try to copy the swing of a particular player.

I stood for a minute memorizing what his swing looked like and then I teed up a ball and swung at it. The ball flew miles and it flew straight.

Now I had a problem. I don't particularly like what I see of that golfer, but my version of his swing works like crazy.

What to do?

I bought his video and studied his swing. Every time I get the chance I watch him play on TV.

I still don't like him very much, but I love the effect of role modelling his swing.

Yesterday I wrote a whole lot more about Role Modelling and techniques for using it successfully in the latest chapter of my book The Invincible Golfer.

The book should be published at the end of the month. Watch this space for further details.

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