Monday, September 12, 2005

Good Humour Produces Good Golf -

The last couple of rounds I have played I have had the great good fortune to be paired with exceptionally nice and level-headed young players.

Every time I see that I am paired with a youngster I groan inwardly. Too often I’ve had to put up with temper tantrums as these youngsters show their bitter disappointment. That disappointment, I have to say, is caused more by their expectations and hopes of success than any good quality in their play.

I fear that they are learning too much from the antics of their heros on television.

However, my last two experiences have been noticably different. I have played with really plesant and very well behaved young men.

The really good news is that they have both scored really well.

Now before you jump to the conclusion that they have played all good shots and therefore not had to face any adversity let me assure you that they have had their fair share of misfortune and having to cope with finding their ball in very difficult lies. But they have cooly calculated the best route back to a good position and played sensible shots.

They have not allowed themselves to be hurried into making rash decisions. They have been patient in adversity and made up for their misfortune on the following holes by seeking to score well from strong positions.

Their good humor and calm approach to golf has been a good example to all who played with them and it has undoubtedly helped them to score well.

How is your humor on the golf course?

All the best

The Golf Bandit


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