Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Golf Tip - See the Shot to Make the Shot -

In The Golf Mind Movies Power Pack David Ferrers explains the golf tip used by many of the world's greatest players of visualizing the flight of their ball before playing each shot.

What the great players actually do is to pick a spot where they want their ball to land and then visualize their ball flying to that spot.

This golf tip is the first and a very important part of using Mind-Movies to improve your play.

What well constructed Mind-Movies actually do is to string a whole lot of good golf tips together so that you can easily instruct your body what you want it to do when you swing the club.

What most golfers find is that Mind-Movies work for them when they build them correctly but they don't seem to work properly if they're not made properly. In other words a 'B' movie made in your back yard under your direction will not work nearly as well as an 'Oscar' winner made under the proper supervision of The Golf Mind-Movies Power Pack.

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