Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Golf Tip Used by Successful Players

There is one golf tip that is used by most professional players and very few ordinary amateurs. It makes a real difference to your game.

One of the key differences between professionals and ordinary amateurs is that when the professional decides to take a golf tip on board he really works at it. I mean to say that he gives it a lot of thaught and he stays with it for enough time to give it a chance to work.

The ordinary amateur on the other hand will hear a golf tip, give it a try and then probably discard it before they have given it a real chance.

One of the most commonly used golf tips employed by top sports people in all fields is the mind movie. They rehearse exactly what they are going to do in their mind before they carry out the action.

They use a mind movie as a kind of software program to tell their muscles what to do and how to feel during their swing. Then, when they step up to the ball, all they have to do is go on to auto-pilot and a good, well-grooved swing reproduces itself.

This is a golf tip anyone can use.

An important part of this golf tip is to program your swing properly before you make your mind movie. It’s a bit like driving a car, you drive on auto-pilot, but you had to have some lessons when you first started to drive, then you had to practice until your program for driving became automatic. You can learn to do the same thing with your golf swing and get the same good quality results.

The easy way for an ordinary golfer to adopt this golf tip and achieve a correct and well-grooved golf swing is to develop a mind movie of their own. Then, simply by running this mind movie every time you step up to the ball you will set your well grooved swing in motion. This is what Jack Nicklaus always did.

You can get this golf tip and learn to build your own golf mind movie. Just go to the Google Internet search engine and type in the words ‘golf mind movies’. There you will find a number of sites which will tell you how to develop a powerful and accurate golf swing that repeats even under pressure.

All the best

David Ferrers
for The Golf Bandit


Blogger dave said...

I have done this on occasion but use the mind movies of the players on TV that I have watched. I did this once after 12 really bad holes at Harbor Hills and I came out of it. I don’t know if it was a movie but I thought of the players their swings relaxed and it just seemed to come out. I had four great holes in a row the next two were ok.

12:27 PM  
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