Thursday, October 20, 2005

Is This Why Your Golf Swing Frustrates You?

Yesterday I played with two golfers who both started to play at the same time.

Jim has invested heavily in the latest expensive equipment and had the occasional golf lesson.

Guy has had an occasional lesson, he buys an unfashionable make of less expensive club and practices a great deal.

Jim occasionally hits the ball a long way but often hits the ball into troublesome places.

Guy does not hit the ball very far but he is generally pretty straight.

Jim has a more-or-less classical swing.

Guy has a swing that is all his own.

Guy wins nearly all of their matches and usually scores round about his handicap.

The reason is that he bumps the ball straight down the middle, reaches the green in three or four shots and then takes two or occasionally three putts. Three shots and two putts is good enough for a net par with his handicap.

Now the question is this: "What is golf all about?"

Is it about occasionally hitting the ball a long way and looking good on the tee?

Or, is it about playing the game round about your handicap and winning?

What guy has done is to groove a swing that suits him. It works for him and makes him a winner.

If you watch any group of professional golfers they each have a swing that works for them. A swing that they can rely on when the heat is on. They can rely on it because they know it, understand it and they have grooved it into their mental image and their muscle memory using Mind-Movies.

If you think about it, what frustrates you about your game is your inability to strike the ball consistently.

So, my question to you is this: "do you want to go on being frustrated out there on the golf course or are you going to groove a swing with the aid of some golf swing development tool like Golf Mind Movies?"

All the best

The Golf Bandit


Blogger dave said...

That is an easy one to answer but I have never found out how to make it happen.

4:59 AM  
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